Friday, March 13, 2009


Just think for a moment.
According to respected sources,about 70 million Weblogs existed in mid-2005 !
One respected research company reported that in 2005, 20% of the population read blogs, but also discovered something amazing about those people who did read blogs: about two-thirds of them didn't know what a blog was.
Many articles reporting on the blog phenomenon don't go far enough in educating the masses of people who are a bit puzzled by the whole "blog thing".
What are Weblogs? Online diaries? Self expression for teenagers?
Are they Web sites or something different? Can anyone be a blogger?
Well...lets get few answers from the Book, "Blogging for Dummies ", by Brad Hill.
According to Mr. Hill, a blog is a Web site. Don't let anybody tell you that Web sites and Weblogs are different creatures. To be clear ,though, a Weblog is a type of Web site. It follows, then, that all Weblogs are Web sites, but not all Web sites are Weblogs. So., what distinguishes a Weblog from other sites?
Weblogs have a certain type of software running in the background.
Here is the crucial power of blogs:
They make it easy to frequently add content to a Web site !
Blog programs are ready -to-use blogging services cut out the laborious and technical traditional process of building a Web site and adding pages to it.
Blogging is the perfect antidote to highly commercialized, blandly consolidated Web sites. You can have a great site, be part of an amazing dynamic global community, and , if you play your cards right, attract a devoted audience.
Well said Mr. Brad Hill.

So., how can we use Weblogs to benefit our business, attract new customers, and retain them ? How can we use Weblogs to make our business an exclusive place to be, create a business name recognition, without the high costs of a Web designer , Internet advertising by a click, monthly fees, and Sign -up requirements?
Weblogs ( not all of them) they have no monthly fees. ( others they do )
My Weblogs ( I have created many of them ) have no requirements, no credit cards, no monthly fees, no advertising costs, and simple .( well...if you can invest time, and search into Service providers you can create a Weblog using your own photography and Editing ) Is so easy and easy to update adding more Photos, and Publishing new articles.

I love this Idea, and have developed Business Weblogs looking amazing !
The Business Planing for Weblogs is the concept it self.

I strongly recommend it.
Xeno Konsolakis

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